Technical Data

  • Capacity dependent from input material: ca. 800 - 2500 kg/h
  • Capacity plastic processing: ca. 500 kg/h
  • Staff per shift: 3
  • Electricity demand up to 500 kW


  • Shredding of input material
  • Separation of loose plastic und aluminium through magnetic induction
  • Separation of compound materials using micro vortex grinding with subsequent sorting of factions
  • Sorting dependent of granularity
  • Cleaning from dust and lightweight particles using counterflow separators
  • Differentiation of light and heavy factions
  • Dry-cleaning of the different aluminium granules
  • Packaging of the final product in Big-Bags, silo-vehicles, or containers
  • Cleaning of the plastic factions with electrostatic processes
  • Refinement of the plastic factions through swim-sink-processes

TKM Solarstrom

Suitable to our vision in 2008 we installed a solar power system on our roof

  • Area: ca. 1500 m²
  • System power: 126 kWp
Solaranlage     Solaranlage